Saturday, January 28, 2012

Outfit Envy & Inspiration - Pan Am

All photos via Pan Am on Facebook

If you have already discovered Pan Am, you will understand me when I say that this show is my methadone to Mad Men. Having hungrily devoured every season of Mad Men, I was very excited when I heard about Pan Am. The programme follows the day to day life and adventures of a Pan Am flight crew in the 1960s. While at first I did not find this to be the most captivating plot line, the show is full of espionage, politics and romance all done in a delightfully light hearted way. Whereas Mad Men revolves around complex human relationships, Pan Am is worth watching for the drama and entertainment value, and of course the costumes.

With a high production value equal to Mad Men, the costumes in Pan Am are no exception. However, the difference in the costumes in Pan Am is that they seem more life like than in Mad Men. This of course is to do with the fact that the show has a better variation of characters to Mad Men so therefore their wardrobes are casual and varied in contrast to the more stiff, formal attire of the characters in Mad Men. Fans of Betty Draper's style might find a kindred spirit in the character of Laura Cameron who is almost like a younger and more naive version of Betty. Laura's style resembles that of Sophia Loren and Grace Kelly, with bombshell dresses for the evening and shirt dresses, tailored sheath dresses and cardigan and capris combos for day wear. Her character's style is a more relaxed, sexier version of Betty Draper.

What I really like about the styles of the characters in the show is that their wardrobes are not one dimensional. In Mad Men, the leading ladies wardrobes were very one sided; ladylike and demure for Betty, sultry for Joan and librarian chic for Peggy. While this is all well and good, in reality we will find that our wardrobes reflect our many personalities and this is something I find is done well in Pan Am. An example of this is the wardrobe of Maggie Ryan who's wardrobe is half Greenwich Village Beatnik and half First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Fans of Audrey Hepburn might find themselves with a soft spot for French beauty, Colette Valois whose effortless elegance and sweet persona is reminiscent of the doe eyed Audrey.

Those that are yet to watch the show, be warned that the show will have you thirsting for a shopping spree, I know that this has certainly been the case with me. I'm certain that if Mr Darcy reads this he will never download the show again...I would love to hear your thoughts if you have been following the show like I have! For those in the US, the show airs on Sundays (not sure which network), and those outside of the US will be able to download the show on Monday nights.


  1. Oh I have been meaning to watch this! :) I thought It would be a little like Mad Men in respect to outfit envy! :) I still need to finish Boardwalk Empire before starting something new! There aren't enough hours in the day! :) x

  2. I haven't watch this yet, as I wasn't sure if it would just be a mediocre replacement for Mad Men, but this little post has convinced me to give it ago! I really do need to watch something with pretty clothes in it!

  3. Heeyyy!
    I'm so glad you're blog is back - I was so puzzled when I wanted to visit it and found out it was down some time ago! I liked the old names too, but the new one is very fitting in my eyes and I absolutely love your new design! The header is so you with the girly dresses and pearls :)

    Concerning Pan Am, these pics look so cool, I can't wait for the show to start on German TV. The outfits are so lovely and a great inspiration. Why does it always take so long for such TV shows to make it across the pond?! *sigh*

    Anyway, I wish you a lovely weekend!

  4. I love Pan am and have become seriously addicted to it. I love the outfits and lust after such a great wardrobe. I was so inspired I went shopping but came back empty handed as nothing was good enough! Have been scouring ebay but still cant find anything to match Pan am, any suggestions would be gratefully received !!
    Love the blog xx

    1. jo orch:
      I highly recommend checking out Pinup Girl Clothing as they have actually dressed the Pan Am girls in several episodes. On their site you will be able to find a few of the stunning dresses that Laura has worn, and other wardrobe essentials that are very Pan Am.

      However be warned; their clothes are fabulous and you will most likely become addicted!

  5. OMG!!
    What a great site, thank you so much. Where do I start???? I can see an addiction coming on.....
    I have my evening planned now, working out what will I buy first !!

    1. They really are fantastic! The quality is the highest and the customer service is outstanding. I just ordered myself a few things yesterday, including that adorable blue pair of capris that Laura wears in the episode where she has a fling with the sailor!

  6. You picked out some of my favorite outfits! Pan Am memorabilia is one thing (of many I collect) and so I was looking forward to the show, I think I can safely admit I'm a little disappointed, but I keep watching.

  7. Oh my goodness, if you love the show Pan Am, you need to watch the movie, "Come Fly With Me," from 1963. Here is the trailer:

  8. I love, love, love this show! Not just because of the dream worthy clothing, but that doesn't exactly hurt its case.
    I was so sad to hear that it won't be renewed for a second season. I'd imagine that a lot of people would like it especially with other shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Bomb Girls doing so well.


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